Different Types Of Borers In Home

Borers are very small and harmful insects which harm wooden goods in our house. There are many types of borers. Borers have many species which have different specifications and there could be different methods of borer pest control services. Different Borers make different colonies in the house which could be in the form of layers of soil on walls, holes in floors etc. These insects like to hide in dark places. If you don’t know about different types of borers then here are some types. These wood boring insects include a large number of species of beetles, moths and Wood wasps etc. So, there are many types of the wood boring arthropod species. Keep reading to know about different types of borers in home.

Beetles - One of the Different Types Of Borers In Home

Here Are 4 Different Types Of Borers In Home:-

  1. Beetles

Beetles include a large number of species over 400000 or 500000. These have a kind of development of adaptation which gives them power to adapt to different types of environment. They have bodies like other insects, they have a head, abdomen, and thorax. But they are characterised by an exoskeleton, hard forewings and numerous hard plates in the abdomen. They also have a typical life cycle starting from egg then larvae after that pupa and at last adult beetle.

  1. Woodworm

Woodworm is a generic term for wood boring insects and refers to larvae of beetles which feed on eggs after hatching from eggs. They only emerge from wooden timber. They learn to make holes from the start of their birth making holes in wood. These only go out of timber by making holes in them so you should find woodworm out of your timber wood.

  1. Anobiidae

Many species of beetle in the anobiidae family are called death-watch beetles. These species are mostly located in Europe. Death-watch  beetles mainly infest in moist and partly decayed softwood timber which has moisture content over 14%. So, they are present in damp buildings or areas of buildings with poor drainage or water leaks.

  1. False Powderpost Beetles

These false powderpost beetles damage hard and soft timber woods. These insects often infest timber wood which is traded internationally. They also infest house decor items which includes flooring, panelling, furniture and other hardwood items.

These insects don’t lay their eggs on the surface but lay in the holes made by them in the ground of the house or garden. This damages our house floors and garden. They generally friss, pack their eggs and keep them in holes of ground which normally other Borers don’t do. So, this distinguishes them from other Borers.


There are many species which come under Borers. These species are then classified into different types. These all types have their different characteristics which helps them to distinguish them from each other. There could be many other species which are not discovered but the count is not limited to these species. So, hire the best non toxic pest control services if you want to remove borers from your home.  For availing our service, call us on our helpline number: 02 4058 2769 and make an appointment. We also provide same-day service to our customers.