Different Types Of Borers In Home

Borers are very small and harmful insects which harm wooden goods in our house. There are many types of borers. Borers have many species which have different specifications and there could be different methods of borer pest control services. Different Borers make different colonies in the house which could be in the form of layers of soil on walls, holes in floors etc. These insects like to hide in dark places. If you don’t know about different types of borers then here are some types. These wood boring insects include a large number of species of beetles, moths and Wood wasps etc. So, there are many types of the wood boring arthropod species. Keep reading to know about different types of borers in home.

Beetles - One of the Different Types Of Borers In Home

Here Are 4 Different Types Of Borers In Home:-

  1. Beetles

Beetles include a large number of species over 400000 or 500000. These have a kind of development of adaptation which gives them power to adapt to different types of environment. They have bodies like other insects, they have a head, abdomen, and thorax. But they are characterised by an exoskeleton, hard forewings and numerous hard plates in the abdomen. They also have a typical life cycle starting from egg then larvae after that pupa and at last adult beetle.

  1. Woodworm

Woodworm is a generic term for wood boring insects and refers to larvae of beetles which feed on eggs after hatching from eggs. They only emerge from wooden timber. They learn to make holes from the start of their birth making holes in wood. These only go out of timber by making holes in them so you should find woodworm out of your timber wood.

  1. Anobiidae

Many species of beetle in the anobiidae family are called death-watch beetles. These species are mostly located in Europe. Death-watch  beetles mainly infest in moist and partly decayed softwood timber which has moisture content over 14%. So, they are present in damp buildings or areas of buildings with poor drainage or water leaks.

  1. False Powderpost Beetles

These false powderpost beetles damage hard and soft timber woods. These insects often infest timber wood which is traded internationally. They also infest house decor items which includes flooring, panelling, furniture and other hardwood items.

These insects don’t lay their eggs on the surface but lay in the holes made by them in the ground of the house or garden. This damages our house floors and garden. They generally friss, pack their eggs and keep them in holes of ground which normally other Borers don’t do. So, this distinguishes them from other Borers.


There are many species which come under Borers. These species are then classified into different types. These all types have their different characteristics which helps them to distinguish them from each other. There could be many other species which are not discovered but the count is not limited to these species. So, hire the best non toxic pest control services if you want to remove borers from your home.  For availing our service, call us on our helpline number: 02 4058 2769 and make an appointment. We also provide same-day service to our customers.

5 Ways a Bed Bug Exterminator Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Neutral Bay

Bed bugs are one of the insolent pests which do not leave the house easily. They just create a nuisance. If a bed bug bites a human, he is more likely to get hospitalized for severe poisoning. Generally, bed bugs are found on beds, carpets, and curtains. Additionally, they can also damage your property. Therefore, it is very important to control the breeding of bedbugs and treat them. In such a case you need professional help. So, here are some of the methods by which an exterminator can execute them in Neutral Bay. Keep reading to explore effective ways to get rid of bed bugs.

Pesticides – Pesticides are the chemicals that consist of some of the constituents which pests generally don’t like or they can kill them. These pesticides are highly efficient to kill bed bugs on a large scale. Moreover, some fuming pesticides are also available in the market which can kill insolent pests which stick to your house very badly. These pesticides are easily available in the market but it needs professional hands to apply them to get the best results.

Predator Introduction – Just like the relationship between the cat and a rat, there are some of the organisms which do not like bed bugs or they feed on to them. This process is innovative and has good results.

Vacuuming – Vacuuming is one of the easy and common remedies to get rid of these bed bugs. Vacuuming the entire area will suck all the bedbugs residing in that particular area. But there are some species of bed bugs which badly hold your carpets or bed sheets, so you need a professional having good and bigger vacuum machines which should be capable of sucking those bugs.

Low-Temperature Exposure – Bedbugs are small insects and just like other insects bed bugs cannot tolerate low temperatures. So, it is the best way to expose bedbugs to very low temperatures. But it is nearly impossible for an individual nonprofessional to do so. So, you must hire a professional having the best equipment for area freezing to kill bedbugs.

Organic Compounds – Organic compounds are the best components to kill bed bugs in a natural way. Additionally, they do not have any bad impact on us. These organic compounds contain some of the volatile oils which bed bugs hate the most. But these methods require time to treat bedbugs and one must be professional enough to use them correctly.

Hire Professional Bed Bug Control Service

All the steps which are mentioned above are efficient and good to kill bed bugs. But you need help from the best professionals Pest Control in Neutral Bay. These steps require very good skills along with hi-tech equipment. Therefore, to help you in case of bed bug infestation, we Pest Control Neutral Bay are here. We ensure that we give our services precisely and in a good manner. Also, we clean the entire area after the pest treatment. Also, we have other same day pest extermination services too. Therefore. call us right now to make a booking at 02 4058 2769.

Reliable Pest And Ant Control Services In Neutral bay

Pests can create a huge mess in your home. You can easily find pests in your house and you need to do something about them. These small creatures can also put your health at risk. When pests enter your house they also bring various germs and bacterias along with them. Ants can easily contaminate the food items in your house. It is not possible for you to handle these pests on your own. To stop the pest infestation you need to hire a professional pest control service. If you don’t hire pest control on time then these creatures will put you in trouble. It is also your responsibility to keep your family safe from these pests. The pest control experts will help you in getting rid of these pests. Explore reasons to choose reliable pest control services.

Reasons To Choose Reliable Pest And Ant Control Services

Years of experience– When it comes to pest control you need to have a lot of experience in this field. Whenever you choose a pest control company always keep in mind to check the experience of its professional staff. The reliability of a company also depends upon the experience of the company. If you choose a reliable company then it will give you the best results.

Use of updated technology – In today’s world, you need updated tools and techniques to control the pests in your home. If you choose reliable pest and ant control they will also use updated techniques to control the pests in your home. Always keep in mind to do proper research before choosing a pest control company.

Charges are low – If you choose a reliable pest control service then they will not charge extra. These professionals will provide you the best service at affordable rates. Don’t think about the prices of pest control service, once the pest invades your house it will cost you much more than the service charges. Always hire the most reliable pest and ant control service.

Certified Professionals – When it comes to pest control services you need proper certification and experience. One of the main reasons to hire reliable pest and ant control is that they provide certified and trained staff. These experts also know how to use updated tools and methods to eliminate pests and ants from your home.

The planned course of action – When you select a reliable pest control service, then they will properly inspect your house. The inspection will help you to choose the best treatment method. A reliable pest control service will make a plan before starting the treatment. They also suggest you the best treatment for the removal of pests and ants from your house.

Timely delivery follow-ups – The reliable pest control service will provide you the follow-ups as well. They will also visit your house after the treatment to inspect if any pest activity is going on or not. These professionals will also make sure to provide you the best pest and ant control service.

Hire The Most Reliable Pest And Ant Control Service

Sometimes it is difficult for you to control the pests on your own. You need to hire professionals to get rid of these pests. The professionals will use the latest tools and technology to eliminate pests. If you are looking for pest control service then call Pest Control Neutral Bay to get the best pest control service in Neutral Bay. Our professionals are well-trained to give you the best possible solutions. We also use advanced technology to eliminate the ants and pests in your home. Additionally, our service prices are affordable for everyone. Don’t wait to give us a call to book your appointment.